February 4, 2013

From Execrable to Edified - The Space Rich's Guide to STFs: Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier Edition

Have you recently acquired enough energy credits to be considered space rich but aren't sure how to actually spend that money? Well this guide is for all the nouveau espace riche out there. Read below for an overview of the build seen here and you too can look like you have old space money.


The Premise

This build revolves around an Auxiliary to Battery cruiser build, but with the added bonus of a commander level bridge officer slot and Jem'Hadar Attack Ship hanger items. With these additions you will easily be able to get over ten thousand dps in most STFs.

How It Works

By abusing three purple Technician duty officers and a single copy of Auxiliary to Battery you can drastically reduce the cool down on your abilities. This allows you to chain two Emergency Power skills, in this case shields 1 and weapons 3. Additionally, you can chain Attack Pattern Beta 1 and Attack Pattern Omega 3 for 100% attack pattern up time. Also, due to the reduced cool down time you can hit Fire at Will 3 quite a bit more than normal. These changes give a huge boost to your offensive power.

The Build

Bridge Officer Layout

Make sure you use a blue romulan tactical bridge officers with the superior covert trait for bonus critical hit. You can also use the female tactical with basic covert trait for even more critical hit. In future patches they might rework them to stack correctly. At which time you should switch to all superior covert.

Lieutenant Universal Station (Engineering)
  • Engineering Team I - Your main hull heal, make sure you can afford to go with out tactical team for a few seconds when you hit this.
  • Reverse Shield Polarity I - Need more shields but no other powers to use? Use this then. Also, with aux to battery you can generally use this skill every minute.
Commander Tactical Station
  • Tactical Team I - Use this when your manual redistribute is just not enough.
  • Attack Pattern Beta I - Reduced enemy damage resistance for more damage.
  • Beam Array: Fire at Will III - This is your main attack, use it on cool down. Make sure you avoid hitting worthless (gateway or cube when generators are still us) targets.
  • Attack Pattern Omega III - A huge boost to your damage, damage resistance, flight speed, flight turn rate, defense, and immunity to movement debuffs and disable.
Lieutenant Tactical Station
There is no need to put any skills into this station. You already have all the needed tactical skills chained or almost on global cool down. But if you really want something...
  • Tactical Team I - You will never need to use this since the other copy or engineering team will most likely be used at almost global cool down.
  • Attack Pattern Delta I - I suppose you might need to use this if you desperately need the damage resistance. Then again only terrible players should find them selves in this situation.
Lieutenant Commander Engineering
Ensign Science

Ship Equipment

Main Equipment
  • Engineering
    • Dominion Command Interface - The console from the Dreadnought it self. It grants you a power that debuffs the target's damage resistance and defense. It will also disable a subsystem if the target takes 15 thousand damage with in 4 seconds of being applied.
    • Dominion Coordination Protocol - The console from The Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier. This grants and ability that gives what amounts to a team wide attack pattern omega. Keep in mind this skill does not stack so you have to coordinate with your team and chain it.
    • Zero Point Energy Conduit - You get this at tier 2 romulan reputation. It grants a small bonus to all power levels, critical hit, and a worthless bonus to power insulators.
    • Tachyokinetic Converter - Amazing console that gives a bonus to critical change, critical damage, and flight turn rate.
  • Science
  • Tactical
  • 2x Advanced Jem'Hadar Attack Ship - These can be bought through the dilithium store once you have opened a Jam'Hadar Attack Ship on your character. They are also the best hanger pets that are in the best.

Active Duty Officers

  • 3x Purple Technicians - Needed for the insane cool down reduction from Auxiliary to Battery.
  • Purple Warp Core Engineer - This gives a change for even more bonus power when you use an emergency power ability.
  • Shield Distribution Officer/Isis/Other - This slot is really up to personal preference. I prefer to use a shield distribution officer for even more shield heals while others prefer Isis or other duty officers.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to chain your abilities correctly. Some people prefer to use a space bar macro to help them do this. If you do use one make sure Auxiliary to Battery is executed last (usually the first power bar slot in those types of macros). Also, practice your flying with Fire at Will. In STFs you will usually need to work on positioning your ship so you only hit targets that will benefit from taking damage. Don't waste time on transformers that are being actively regenerated and such.

February 2, 2013

Operation Hush Money - Fiscal Security Through Personal Affirmations of Superiority

Released under the Freedom of Information Act to be used for educational purposes only.
Classified information has been redacted for Federation security.

February 1, 2013

From Drivel to Decent - The Space Idiot's Guide to STFs: Ambassador Class

Love cruisers but can't afford the free level 40 one? Well you're in luck, Cryptic has decided to give away yet another worthless ship! Now you might be thinking "How will I out-fit such a horrible abomination?". Just look below to find out!


The first step on the way to using this terrible ship is to...


Next, see the guide located here.

PS: This is a joke, get over it.

January 29, 2013

Cryptic Oops - Quick Launch, Call now and shave seconds off your launch time!

Do you have the need? The need for speed? If so then you might want to do this lovely little hack to bypass the Star Trek Online launcher.

Super Easy Install

So you really do have the need for speed then. I guess that it's a good thing that this nice little application that launches Star Trek Online for you and bypasses the launcher exists. Also, if you're interested in how this little application works, you can find the source code on bitbucket.


  1. Download the application here
  2. Run the application
  3. ?????
  4. Profit!

STO Quick Launch Checksums

File: STOQuickLaunch.exe
MD5: b781955a7165e8e8cf17dc0b023a8381
SHA-1: feb22f2401e3e1a7ea86c65410ce71dbbe564897

Manual Install

So maybe you're a bit slower or just want to do things your self. No matter, here's the manual way to do things.


  1. Create a batch file (start.bat) in your Star Trek Online install directory located at <WhereYouInstalledIt>\Star Trek Online\Live\
  2. In this file put "start /b GameClient.exe -server -server -server -server -server" as well as any custom launch arguments.
  3. Make a shortcut to the batch file you created and use it to launch Star Trek Online


Now the one problem with this launching method is that the server ip addresses sometimes change between major content patches. I will try to update the Quick Launch application to include the updated addresses when they change. But, for all you manual install users you will have to start Star Trek Online through the launcher and pull the new launch arguments with a program such as Process Explorer.

Ta-da, you are now saving entire seconds when you launch Star Trek Online. Be sure to report any bugs you find in the comments section below.

January 24, 2013

Engineering Report - Auxbat Escort

An Engineer's Perspective:

Stop treating your Class skills as "Oh shit" buttons and starting putting them into regular rotation.

There have been a lot of questions about an aux2bat escort, so this guide was created to give some guidance to its construction.  The topic of conversation lately has naturally been the new Jem'Hadar lockbox ships, so this article will focus on one, since it's well suited to the build.

Some of you may have noticed that the JHHEC's boff layout is eerily similar to the Galor.  Well, if you thought that build would translate well to this ship, you're right.  But for those of you who cannot connect the big glowing dots together, simply read on and we'll trace them for you.

Today I will show you how to run Aux2Bat on a Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier using the build seen here.

The Premise:
What we are attempting here is a pretty typical escort build. Again, the purpose of this guide is to give options to an established engineer, assuming you don't have problems dying, but rather problems pumping out enough dps.  This build will not contain several unnecessary heals, but rather more damage options.

How Does It Work
The latest, greatest unbalanced offering from Cryptic is Critical Hit Chance, so we will exploit that here. Using the consoles listed here, [CrtH]x3 weapons, the Tier 2 Romulan Reputation Crit Chance Reward, and two (blue) male romulan tactical officers from the embassy you will be generating critical hits at a consistent rate of 25% (not currently, but the upcoming proposed changes will make this viable soon) As this is primarily meant to be an STF specific build, we will again be running plasma weaponry, as it allows us the greatest damage potential.

Why Does It Work
The aux2bat will allow us to chain EPTS1 & EPTW2 with zero downtime. It also lets us chain a single copy of CRF2 with 8 seconds of downtime, which is only 3 seconds more than its global cooldown - nice! Additionally, it allows you to chain APB1/APO1 for 100% attack pattern uptime. Weapon Power drain is not a concern here, because you're only firing six energy weapons and they just happen to be the two most energy efficient types of weapons in the game, so we don't need to run borg 2-piece. The universal lieutenant slot is being used as a tactical for several reasons: it allows you to slot another romulan boff for extra crit chance (not currently, but the upcoming proposed changes will make this viable soon), it gives you an ability to squeeze more damage out of your romulan torpedo, and it gives us a Cannon Scatter Volley 1 to use when appropriate (ISE Sphere swarm, CSE BoP/Raptor Spawns, etc). If you find that you are blowing up too often and need to change that boff station to science for a Science Team and Transfer Shield Strength.... well, chances are you're a filthy Tactical captain that shouldn't be reading this guide for Engineers anyway. The only science skill you should need is Hazard Emitters, as its the only way to clear that pesky plasma fire.

Bridge Officer Stations

Ensign Science Station
Hazard Emitters I - Plasma fire clear.

Lieutenant Universal Station (Tactical)
Torpedo Spread 1 -  Self explanatory, chain endlessly
Cannon Scatter Volley 1 - For use when appropriate

Commander Tactical Station
Tactical Team I - Shield redistribution & clearing Borg assimilation
Attack Pattern Beta 1 - Self explanatory, chain endlessly
Cannon Rapid Fire 2 - Self explanatory, chain endlessly
Attack Pattern Omega 3 - Self explanatory, chain endlessly

Lt. Commander Engineering Station
Emergency Power to Shields I - Self explanatory, chain endlessly.
Auxiliary to Battery I - Self explanatory, chain endlessly
Directed Energy Modulation 1 - Damage buff

Lieutenant Engineering Station
Engineering Team I - Supplementary hull heal, emergency use only.
Emergency Power to Weapons 2 - Self explanatory, chain endlessly


Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo Launcher - Great for chewing up STF structures
3x Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons - You want either [CritH]x3 or [CritD]x3 to maximize damage.
3x Plasma Turrets - You want either [CritH]x3 or [CritD]x3 to maximize damage.

Main Equipment

Omega Force Tachyon Deflector Array - Tetryon Glider
Omega Force Hyper-Impulse Engines - Tetryon Glider
M.A.C.O. Resilient Shield Array - Good capacity, resistance, and most importantly: grants you power level bonuses when you get shot!


Tachyokinetic Converter - CritH, CritD, & Turn Rate
Assimilated Module - CritH, CritD, & Weapon Power
Zero Point Energy Conduit - All Power Levels & CritH.
Monotanium Alloy / Random Universal - If you've got a favored Universal Console, throw it in. Take a monotanium if you're having problems blowing up.
2x Plasma Infused Emitter Array - Your heals are sparse, so make them count. What you're really here for anyway is the bonus plasma damage.
4x Plasma Infuser - Duh.


Elite Scorpion Fighters - The Romulan Reputation unlockable.

Active Duty Officers

People tend to prefer running APO1+CRF3, but from a strictly mathematical point of view, you will always do 4-5% more damage running APO3+CRF2.  Additionally, as mentioned earlier, there is a minuscule gap in your CRF coverage, whereas your attack patterns will always be active. The JHHEC has a poor turn rate for an escort, so you'll want to supplement that with the increased mobility and defense granted by APO3. Unlike the Galor build, you shouldn't experience problems with your weapons power dipping, so the EPTW has been moved down a notch, but its still there, allowing you to pump your engine power up a bit higher. The DEM doff will not help much with mitigation here, the DEM in this build is solely for additional damage.  The projectile doffs were added in instead to increase the firing rate of your romulan torp, as it can easily account for a quarter of your damage alone when its cooldown has been lowered sufficiently.

Rapid Button Pressing: How to Farm Radiation For Great Profit (and Bij)

If you desperately need Romulan marks right this second and you have run through all your dailies, and your eppoh farm is on cool down, then try radiation farming. I must stress, this is only for when you desperately need marks right now to push that one project over into completion, because this is tedious and boring as fuck. At my best, I have gotten 120 marks per hour. I wanted to kill myself after doing so, but I got it done.

First things first, talk to the Romulan Radiophysicist.

Once you're done with him, go run around the map looking for glowing white patches (they're more noticeable than this screenshot implies).

My personal favorite hunting ground is the Atlai, as there are no enemies spawning there, and easy to find radiation patches. I've circled the approximate locations of them, there may be one or two I missed.

Just start at one end of the river, and keep farming two patches that are close to each other. Keep doing this until they take too long to respawn, then run down the river to the other side, grabbing the patches you pass on the way. Rinse and repeat as necessary. If you're lucky, the respawns will bug out and start the patches respawning while you're farming them, meaning you don't have to move to find a new one when you're done.

When you can no longer stand doing the minigame required to farm them marks, head back to the staging area, and hand in your radiation reports to the radiophysicist. Never hand in less than 300 at a time, as you'll be screwing yourself out of marks.

Fair warning, and I can't stress this enough, this is tedious and boring and annoying and literally the worst, but it's a fast way of making marks right this second.

January 19, 2013

From Crummy to Competent - The Space Poor's Guide to STFs: Assault Cruiser Edition

Do you want to broadside in a space whale but can't afford one that isn't trash? You are in luck, because this is the guide for you! Learn how to outfit the worst best free cruiser in the game; the Assault Cruiser.


While cruisers in Star Trek Online are usually lacking in damage and everything else for that matter they can be half decent when outfitted correctly. You won't win any awards with this ship but it can be a decent starting point for new players. Just remember there are worse cruisers to use. The build I recommend for this ship is located here. Coincidentally, it can be used with the Mirror Universe Assault Cruiser as well; which is the exact same ship with 200 more crew and a different skin.

The Premise

The only way for cruisers to do damage is to boost your weapons power. This is mostly because they have a limited amount of tactical bridge officer slots. To do this cruisers can stack two copies of two different Emergency Power to X skills and chain them continuously. Use the following list of buffs and items to keep your weapons power high.

Required items and skills:
  • Emergency Power to Weapons III - Chain two copies of this for +25 weapons power and a short boost to energy weapons damage
  • Weapons Battery - Pop this when your weapons power bottoms out in the middle of Fire at Will. Keep in mind it will not raise power levels above the power soft cap (125).
Highly recommended items and skills:

How Does It Work?

With lots of button pushing. Seriously, you should be chaining 4 Emergency Power to X skills and will need to alternate the casts when you have one off cool down. I highly recommend using a macro to tie all of these abilities to a single key. To learn how to do this you can visit our guide "Macros or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Space Bar". Beyond that try to use DEM and Fire At Will simultaneously. If you have the DEM duty officer it will ensure your power does not drop too much due to Fire at Will. You can also use a Weapons Battery in the middle of Fire at Will to give your weapons power a slight boost back to 125.

Bridge Officer Station Overview

Lt. Commander Engineering Station
Commander Engineering Station
Ensign Tactical Station
  • Tactical Team I - Automatically redistribute your shields, chain this with the second copy to stay alive.
Lieutenant Tactical Station
  • Tactical Team I - Automatically redistribute your shields, chain this with the second copy to stay alive.
  • Beam Array: Fire at Will II - This is your only skill that directly affects your weapon damage. Use it as often as you can.
Lieutenant Science Station
  • Hazard Emitters I - Mainly used to clear plasma burn in STFs but can also be a decent hull heal over time.
  • Transfer Shield Strength II - Amazing shield heal and shield damage reduction so be sure to use it as often as you can or need.

Ship Equipment

Make sure you acquire the highest item level you can afford. Also use the same energy weapon type.


  • Fore Slots
    • 3x Beam Array - The modifiers on them aren't that big of a deal in PvE just try to get [Acc]x3, [Acc]x2 + [CrtH], [CrtH]x3, or fleet weapons with [Acc]. Also [Dmg] modifiers are the least useful.
    • 1x Hargh'peng Torpedo Launcher - This underrated torpedo has a high damage, decent damage over time, and an area shock wave when the dot expires. You can get it free from the federation mission "The Doomsday Device". You can use other torpedoes but I recommend this one.
  • Aft Slots
Main Equipment
  • Deflector
  • Impulse
  • Shields
    • M.A.C.O. Resilient Shield Array - One of the best shields in the game. It has a high capacity, hull damage absorption, decent damage reduction, and gives you ship power when you get shot... what isn't there to love? Try to get the Mk XII version as fast as you can.
  • Engineering
    • EPS Flow Regulator - Regenerate your power faster when you full impulse or switch between power settings, enough said.
    • Monotanium Alloy - A large bonus to hull kinetic resistance, which is one of the main damage types in STFs.
    • Assimilated Module - Increased critical chance/severity and weapon power? Pretty much required on every ship build.
    • Random Universal/Electroceramic Hull Plating - There isn't any required console for this slot so you can use what ever universal/pay-to-win consoles. If you don't have any, or just don't want to use any, then you can slot an electroceramic armor for increased plasma resistance, the other damage type in STFs.
  • Science
    • 2x Romulan Threat-Scaling Console - Get these, from your embassy's for a fee of fleet credits and dilithium, with the plasma proc on them and negative threat. The skill choice doesn't matter much but I recommend Flow Capacitors if you are using polaron/tetryon weapons or plasmonic leech. If, for some reason, you don't have acces to them fill these slots with any universal consoles you want.
  • Tactical

How to Tolerably Use This Build

First of all, practice flying a cruiser with a low turn rate. Then make sure you learn how to line your self up for maximum Fire at Will performance by doing things such as shooting generators but not transformers in Infect Space. Also make sure you chain your Emergency Power skills on cool down. Lastly run your shield power levels at 125 weapons, 50 shields, 25 engines, and 25 auxiliary.